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DNG Component Query

Satish Rajanna (134) | asked Aug 19 '20, 4:42 p.m.


I am looking for query capability for components in a given DNG Project Area. Can you please help with the REST / OSLC API details that will help me fetch this information ?

Satish Rajanna

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Rakesh S (39110) | answered Aug 21 '20, 5:58 a.m.


Hi Satish,
Kindly perform the below steps for fetching the list of components for the project area.

1)First you need get the root services details by using the below URL:

2)To fetch the details of my projects

3)To the details the components for the Project area. Use the below URL:
https://[url]/rm/rm-projects/[Project UUID]/components

Go through the below details for getting started with DNG API:

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