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A proper way to get all the comments directed to the current user on DNG

Vlad Petcu (111) | asked Sep 16 '21, 6:53 a.m.

 We are trying to build a widget for all comments directed to the current user. The purpose of this widget will be that the curent user will have all comments directed to him on one place. The comments will be from all project areas the current user is involve. This will be the main diference between the current widget „Comments” and the one we want to build. In the current „Comments” widget the area where the comments are coming is very limited, you need to select the project area, the configuration and a specific component and also in the current widget the comments are disappearing after a while we also want to keep the comments in the widget as long as the user wants.

For the implemetantion of this widget we tried to use DNGReportableRestAPI to get the comments but the problem with this API is that you need to make a request for every module/collection or specific artifact and for the widget we try to build way to many request are necessary to get all the comments. This will be damaging for the widget loading time but also for the server.

After this we tried to use the stored query that the current „Comments” widget use this was an improvment because we only need to make one request for every componet, but the problem with the stored query is that the comments are stored just for a limited time.

So our question is if there is a way to get all the comments for the curent user apart from the api mentioned before or the stored query that the other widget use. Maybe there is an existing query that is not limited to recent comments.

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Cristobal Sandoval (862) | answered Oct 08 '21, 12:18 p.m.

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