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Issue while associating a change request (Jira issue) to a RTC change set in Eclipse client

Rohit Joshi (11) | asked Jun 18 '20, 5:16 a.m.
We are working on an integration of Jira with ELM through OSLC. The issue we are facing is summarized below -
  • We are trying to create a link from a RTC change set to a Jira resource (issue)
  • We are using the Eclipse client, and clicking OK/Cancel on Jira selection and creation dialog doesn’t appear to do anything
  • The same general process is working when we use the web client
Logic used - On submission/cancellation of Jira selection or creation dialog, an oslc response is sent from Jira in the expected format through javascript window.parent.postmessage or window.postmessage as applicable.

We are trying to track down why the OK/Create/Cancel operation is just hanging or getting lost in Eclipse. Any pointers on how to debug the eclipse client, check the debug logs and any other suggestions would be really helpful to resolve the issue. Thank you.

ELM Version - and 7.0

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