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Looking for automation on how we can deliver a specific workitem out of many from one stream to another automatically?

Mrinal B (111) | asked May 22 '20, 4:04 p.m.

 Hi , from an integration stream having many workitems I need to deliver only 2 workitems to next layer stream that is preprod stream and run the build for only those two workitem changes. This is to create a preprod version package which will be used to deploy in production.

Basically this process is done manually of promoting selective workitems to next layer , hence looking for a best solution to automate it. Can anyone please guide. Thank you.

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Shashikant Padur (4.2k27) | answered May 25 '20, 12:49 a.m.
You can use rtc scm cli tool to accept/deliver work items from one stream to another.
For ex: scm deliver --source <source_stream> --target <target_stream> -r <repo_url> -W <work_items>
Take a look at the help of deliver command: 'scm help deliver'
Note: The deliver will fail if the change sets in the work item depends on other change sets which are not in the target stream.

Mrinal B commented May 25 '20, 1:30 p.m.

Hi Shashikant Thank you very much for the response. As I have not used SCM CLI tools, could you or some one from team can help me with the process to start with it?

Also, just in additional to my query, is there any solution to have an API created to perform the below actions with the CLI executing in back end or just looking for any best solution to achieve the below. 1. User will input work item numbers. 2. Only the specified work item numbers change sets will get delivered from Integration stream to the next level stream that is preprod stream. ( Where in integration stream will have many work item change sets present). 3. Next user will input the version number. 4. If the version lin does nit existe it will create a new version (aopnver). 5. Configure the new version in pre prod building definition( if not achievable it's ok) 6. Trigger preprod build. 7. Only the selected work item change sets which were delivered to preprod stream will be build in the version library. 8. Display the job log to the user.

3, 4, 5 steps can be skipped if not achievable. If there is any other solution to achieve this please suggest.

Thank you Mrinal B.

Geoffrey Clemm commented May 25 '20, 3:49 p.m.

Shashi's answer descirbe how to do step 2.  The version ID's are automatically selected RTC, so you will need to skip steps 3, 4, and 5.   For step 7, that is the job of your build system, since only it know the dependency semantics which determine what build steps need to be re-run. For example, if an "include" file has been changed, all of the source files that include that file will probably need to be recompiled.

Ralph Schoon commented May 26 '20, 2:34 a.m.

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