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How to edit Advanced Query Section in JRS for creating reports with Custom Fields.

Lissy Ashok (111) | asked Apr 07 '20, 5:34 a.m.
Hi All,

We have a requirement in which we need to customize the ready to copy reports in Jazz Reporting Service (JRS) , which is possible in the tool  provided we edit the Advanced Query section in the reporting tool . For achieving the same , we need information about the physical table names and the name of fields in the Database Schema at the back-end.

Kindly throw some light on the same, how to get the Database schema/ Database Model which can facilitate us to create customized reports as we need reports based on Custom fields. 

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Amy Silberbauer (30657) | answered Apr 07 '20, 8:42 a.m.
Hi Lissy,
It is not possible to duplicate or edit the Ready to Use reports so that you can see the Advanced Query. There may be other alternatives, depending on the kinds of reports you need. We have published a set of reports outside the box that are editable and can be copied/duplicated and you can see all of the Advanced SQL. Those reports are here:

An easy way to start to learn about the database schema for crafting your own SQL is to create a "dummy" report that includes the artifacts, traceability, conditions and columns that you want and then look at the SQL to see how that report generates the result set.

I hope this helps.
Amy Silberbauer

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Cathy Xu (390515) | answered Apr 29 '20, 2:32 a.m.
Hi Lissy,

To get the data warehouse db schema information, you can look at the data dictionary of the applications:

Custom fields/attributes are stored under RICALM schema, those EXTENSION tables.

Hope this helps!

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