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scm get file downloads file with wrong encoding

Geoff Alexander (19623948) | asked Feb 17 '20, 5:04 p.m.
edited Feb 17 '20, 5:12 p.m.

I have a file in RTC with the following properties:

  • Character Encoding: UTF-8
  • Executable: false
  • Line Delimiter: Platform
  • MIME Type: text/plain
  • mvsCodePage: IBM-1047
  • preserve.file.encoding: true
  • Read Access: Component scope
When I use lscm get file to download the file to RHEL/Windows, it is downloaded with IBM-1047 encoding.  I would expect the file to be downloaded with UTF-8 encoding on RHEL/Windows since its Character Encoding value is UTF-8.  My understanding is that mvsCodePage property only applies when downloading to MVS / USS (see  The file displays correctly in the RTC Eclipse client.  Also, another file with the same properties (in a different component) downloads using lscm get file as UTF-8 encoded as expected.

Does any one have any idea as to why the file is incorrectly downloading with IBM-1047 encoding on RHEL/Windows?

I'm using the RTC scm/lscm command and RTC Eclipse Client, and the RTC server is running RTC iFix001.

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Bhagath P B (3888) | answered Feb 17 '20, 10:45 p.m.

 Hi Alexander,

You can refer this article on how to configure encoding.

Below website shows you how to create or edit file.

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Geoff Alexander (19623948) | answered Feb 18 '20, 2:16 a.m.

It turns out that lscm get file is working correctly.  While the current version of the file has a Character Encoding of UTF-8, the version that was being downloaded by the lscm get file has a Character Encoding of IBM-1047.

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