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#DNG-RPE- How to get the content of the "Satisfies" link in a DNG module using RPE

Anjuri Kelaiya (3727) | asked Feb 12 '20, 5:25 a.m.

 I am trying to generate using DNG V_6.0.6.1 and RPE V_2.1.2. I am using data source DNG Module, DNG text and _linkresources. I am generating report for a DNG module and I want the ID, Title and Content of the link type "Satisfies". requirements linked with the linktype "Satisfies" exist in another DNG project area. 

I have used query datasource/artifact/traceablility/links/link and applied condition "title == satisfies" to get the satisfies link. and then I used query datasource/artifact/traceablility/links/link/content, which is getting ID and Title of the "Satisfies" link but I am struggling to get the content of the Satisfies link. There is nothing like richtextbody/div like DNG_text datasource. 
I used _linkresource data source and then try to get the content using datasource/artifact/content/value but still no luck.
Please help me get the content of the "Satisfies" link type.

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