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RQM With GC : Clone Component

vinitha dsouza (79841) | asked Feb 10, 9:32 a.m.
Hello Team,

Current situation:
We are already productive in RQM ( without GC) and have Test plans and other stuff.
Permissions : Team Area driven and all the artifacts.

we would like to enable configuration management for RQM.
After reading some articles, i got to know like every will be placed in one component and respective stream.

So, therefore i have do clone artfiacts and move them to right component.
( 3 teams are using , therefore planning to  have 3 components)

Same usecase i tried in Test environment using Clone component functinality.
i get comparision view, which allow me to select artifacts for cloning. All good until now.

My query is :
I dont have filter especailly to filter my artifacts ( for eg test plan ) for specific team in the view.
which makes this activity hard.

Any suggestion or hint to filter for team based during cloning process? which makes my life easy.


vinitha dsouza commented Feb 13, 5:51 a.m.

Can some one answer this?

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