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Inconsistent behavior of work item save operation behavior

Bharath Rao (915139) | asked Nov 27 '19, 10:41 p.m.

We have a custom attribute of enumeration type which is incremented whenever the work item is moved to closed state. To perform this action, we have a save work item operation behavior with dojo script that gets the count and incremented if the work item is moved to closed state. 

We see that the attribute is not incremented all the time i.e., the behavior is inconsistent. 
When we perform one of the two steps below, the issue will be resolved:
a. Restart the RTC server
b. Make the attribute read-only from Types and attributes for the work item, save the change, make the attribute read-write again.

But the issue re-occurs after some time even though no changes are made to the script or process configuration.

What are the probable causes of such a problem ?

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Bharath Rao (915139) | answered Nov 27 '19, 10:46 p.m.

a. Verify the behavior is seen in any other projects with the same operation behavior. Also, verify the script conditions are correct and the attribute ids, work item states, etc., are correctly mentioned in the script.

b. Review the RTC logs to see if there are any issues with the other scripts in the project area. 
   >> Any error in a script invalidates all the scripts on the project. Track down if any failing scripts are present and ensure they are not throwing errors. When empty scripts or scripts that cannot be parsed or throw errors exist, the results of all customizations are unpredictable, even unrelated scripts.

Hope this helps!

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