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DNG: Create an artifact through OSLC API and put it in a module

Scott Fasone (212) | asked Oct 31 '19, 1:08 p.m.
Creating artifacts through OSLC Creation Factories and updating modules through the Module Structure API is fairly straightforward, but how do you make another artifact for the module structure?

From what I've seen, whenever you make a new artifact in a module using the web interface, it makes the Core Artifact and a duplicate Module Artifact. The module structure then references both the Module Artifact in it's "uri" field and the Core Artifact in its "boundArtifact" field. I see that the Module Artifacts are generally the ones that have links, so what's the strategy to make both using the REST API? Should I just POST each requirement twice, and pick one to be the Module Artifact and the other to be the Core Artifact? Can I just make one artifact and have that be the core and module artifact?

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