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How to pass Artifact URL as a filter in OSLC Query where clause (DOORS Next Generartion 5.0.2)

Nikhil Pachpande (2519) | asked Dec 22 '15, 4:36 a.m.
I want to pass artifact URL as a filter to OSLC query where clause.
I have tried the following code snippet :

OslcQueryParameters queryParams = new OslcQueryParameters(); 

OslcQuery query = new OslcQuery(client, queryCapability, queryParams);        
//client and queryCapability are properly initialized

OslcQueryResult result = query.submit();
int resultsSize = result.getMembersUrls().length;

//resultsSize is always 0.

Is 'rdf:about' the correct property to be queried for artifact URL?
Is there any other property to fetch artifacts based on their URL value?

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