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Copy WI to different project area without the parent.

Bareket Matmon (1714) | asked Oct 30 '19, 6:09 a.m.


Is there an option to copy WI from project area A to project area B WITHOUT the parent? 

for example, I have WI on project area A that has a parent. 
I want to be able to copy it to project area B, and that the new WI that is created will be without any parents (from the initial WI). 


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Ian Wark (79513047) | answered Oct 31 '19, 4:01 a.m.
I can't find an option to do this, actually. It's true when you copy a work item using the UI, its parent link remains. (I think by design.) It also creates a Copies type link.

Of course, you can easily delete these links from the Links tab of the new work item afterwards.

If you want to move a lot of work items over and purge them of links, you could perhaps export them as CSV file and not include the links in the columns exported. Just export what you want. Then when you import into the other project area it will create new unrelated work items.

Ian Wark commented Oct 31 '19, 4:07 a.m.
You might be able to do it in two steps. First create a work item copy, which will not have the parent link in it. Then move that work item to the other project area. Although you will still get Copied From link..

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