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DNG Excel CSV Export don't work

Markus Klamke (11) | asked Aug 15 '19, 3:59 a.m.

my problem is kind of special.
I tried to export/import like described in here.
But I always get the error CRRRS4212E.
I already found out what happened.
I use embedded artifacts in a table and on export my URI is being corrupted.

Example Export:
|        |  {EMBEDDED id=26028 title=""Minimum voltage [UMin]: 9 V ± 0.1 V""  |  {EMBEDDED id=25730 title=""Nominal voltage [UNom]: 13 V ± 0.1 V  |  {EMBEDDED id=26029 title=""Maximum voltage [UMax]: 16 V ± 0.1 V""  |
|        |uri=                          |(DC)"" uri=                    |uri=                           |
|        |CA_8e5ac2b508b1474d8e66f9e03df87c1b}                              |CA_23a738afee5c4cc28fc57fabf723046c}                              |CA_56c52e0a21044ae0b906d4fd0e0dfe79}                               |
|        |                                                                  |                                                                  |                                                                   |

So if I remove these corrupted links the Import works fine.

Not the question:

Is this behaviour already known and possbibly fixed?

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