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QM-how to review test case result

Thao Nguyen (37125) | asked Jun 13 '19, 3:47 a.m.


I am looking for way to review test case result. During execution phase, test lead will gradually review test result: Failed, Blocked,...and see if the result is accepted or rejected

I figure out there are two ways to perform this. What is official way to perform this purpose?
1. Test Case result view has "State" column. It default state is Draft. Seem Test lead needs to change Ready For Review (this is strange to me when test lead does this) then change to Approved/Rejected state
--> Not sure if this "State" column is same as "Stae column in Test Case view. From my check, they are not same/in synchronized

2. When select one Test Case Result (TCR) item, on left pane, next to checkbox of this TCR, there is one menu. Select option "Review Execution Result" then "Mark as Reviewed". 
--> When i change to "Mark as Reviewed", "State" column in TCR view does not change. How can i know it takes effect?

I used QM 6.0.6

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Don Yang (7.6k21105137) | answered Jun 17 '19, 1:32 a.m.
Hi, Thao

Please find the info on "approval tracking" and I think it would help you to do the review against the artifacts:

Thao Nguyen commented Jun 18 '19, 10:17 p.m.

 Thank you Don. I created Approval tracking for Test Case Result workflow from Under Review to Approved. From Approved to Rejected. 

Re-log in to QM, then run one TCER. TCR (related to that TCER) is still in Draft. I hope it should be automatically change to Under Review?

Look like with this approval tracking, it still work same as in my original question

And this workflow does not relate to point #2 in the question- option "Review Test Execution Result-Mark as Reviewed/Rejected". Can you advise this?

Don Yang commented Jun 18 '19, 10:36 p.m.
if you define Approval Tracking for Test Case Result.
Then Formal Review procedure should be linked to TCR state. That is when you add reviewer in Formal Review section, state should change to under review automatically and so on. This is how QM's review works.

Thao Nguyen commented Jun 24 '19, 2:45 a.m.
Do you mean Formal Review section when we go into detail of each TCR? This "Formal Review" section does not appear as column in Execution-TCR view

If so, for each TCR, we need to add reviewer in Formal Review section. Look it is time consuming for one test cycle- at least hundred of TCRs need to be reviewed

Do you have any ideas about option #2 (Select option "Review Execution Result" then "Mark as Reviewed") as in original question?

Don Yang commented Jun 30 '19, 11:18 p.m.
Formal Review section is in each TCR and you would need to set up Formal Review for each test case result first. Then you can use bulk approval or review process in Execution > TCR view to approve or review or reject multiple TCRs.
This approach is more reasonable as if there is no formal review setup, it does not make sense why the review is marked as reviewed or approved(a kind of cheating if no review was set up but the artifact was marked reviewed.

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