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promotion after build

Fons Maathuis (25215) | asked May 21 '19, 8:20 a.m.
edited May 22 '19, 1:54 a.m. by Ralph Schoon (62.3k33643)

Hi all,

With RTC we're able to use specific baselines from components from other streams for building. An example, in project COMMON we have a component COM_COPYBOOKS which contains copybook ABC.cpy. The project has an O-stream, a R-stream and a S-stream. In project TEST we have a component TEST_COBOL which contains the cobol-module TESTFILA.cbl. As we want to use the files in the COM_COPYBOOKS compontent that resides in the R-stream, we have configured a build-workspace with the COM_COPYBOOKS from the R-stream as an incoming flow. In the build-definition we've selected the 'consider additional flows when resolving dependencies'.
Changing and building the record ABC.cpy in the COMMON O-stream doesn't affect the modules in the TEST O-stream. But then this change is promoted to the COMMON R-stream, it becomes a change for all modules that are using this copybook in the TEST O-stream. 
So when I do not make any changes to the TESTFILA.cbl module, the build-agent sees the changed ABC.cpy record as it has been promoted to the COMMON R-stream. It gets built, which is fine. But now I want to promote this implicit change to TEST R-stream. We want to use work-item promotion, but I can't get a work-item connected to the build-result from TESTFILA.cbl. The module itself isn't changed. 

Does anybody has a solution for this, apart from builing TEST R-stream? 


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