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Does it make sense to use both LQE & DW?

Becky McDermott (921139) | asked May 14 '19, 6:20 p.m.
edited May 15 '19, 1:02 a.m. by Fariz Saracevic (904613)

 We currently do not use configuration management and have deployed the Data Collection Component and the Data Warehouse.

We do however have an interest in using RELM.  I learned recently that RELM only supports the LQE (and not the DW).

If we decide to use RELM, would we convert from DCC to LQE?  Or would we deploy both (LQE for RELM and DW for everything else)?

Any guidance/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thomas Mathews (10614) | answered May 14 '19, 9:59 p.m.
edited May 14 '19, 10:01 p.m.
Hello Becky,

I believe it really all depends on your organizational needs when it comes to reporting. We have many customer that use both options and it works fine for their business needs.

I recommend reviewing this knowledge center link below which helps explains the best case scenario on what reporting options suites your needs best.

Deciding which CE/CLM reporting option to use

Choosing the right data source

I hope this helps a little.

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Becky McDermott commented May 15 '19, 10:22 a.m.

I think for our needs, the Data Warehouse is best.  The complication comes in wanting to use RELM so maybe installing both and only using LQE for RELM would be the way to go.  Then as the LQE becomes more mature and eventually replaces DW, we could just deprecate the Data Warehouse.

Thank you for the info. 

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