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How can we restrict the Specific state in the Work item during exchange Process automation

Preetha T (27216) | asked Mar 27 '19, 1:19 a.m.

 Dear Team,

We are trying to automate the exchange Process through Agosense with IBM RTC. OEM and supplier both are using IBM Rtc . We tried to automate the defect creation Process. If the defect is created in OEM side that defect should automatically create in Supplier side. They are using ago sense for exchange process. we need to restrict that if the defect is in "ACCEPTED" state then only it should get create in supplier side. But now the defect is created in supplier side in the state "CREATED". 

Kindly Assist us how can we restrict the defects in "ACCEPTED" state during exchange process.


Ralph Schoon commented Mar 27 '19, 4:38 a.m.

I don't find a lot of useful information in this question. Maybe I don't understand it. I would consider to ask the people that created the integration and know how that works. 

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