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Ask a question not sending SSO cookies to the requested URL

Saqib Niaz (71523) | asked Mar 25 '19, 9:04 a.m.
CLM 6.0.6

I have developed an OpenSocial widget. Added the widget in RM application. The widget sends a request to our service which then requests some data from Jazz's RM. For the service to request data from Jazz's RM, authentication data is required. To get the authentication data, I used the to send a request to our service. We are receiving the request sent through but we are not receiving any cookie from Jazz proxy.

I am following the guidelines provided onĀ I have set the required properties in JTS and RM but still unable to get any kind of authentication data from Jazz proxy.

Saqib Niaz commented Mar 26 '19, 4:55 a.m.
I have developed an RM service provider, its authentication is being done with Jazz Authorization Server over OIDC protocol. I have added my serviceProvider in JTS's friends. Path to its rootservices document is defined as 'https://server-name:8443/pv/rootservices'.
The url of my widget is: 'https://server-name:8443/widget/index.xml'.
The service url that this widget tries to access via is 'https://server-name:8443/pv/serviceUrl'.
I have put the 'https://server-name:8443/pv/' in RM's whitelist.
In JTS's Advanced Properties, I have set the following properties:
'OpenSocial gadget supplier whitelist' is left empty, also tried with setting 'https://server-name:8443' as supplier whitelist.
'OpenSocial gadget enable SSO' is set to true.
In 'Jazz Authentication Proxy SSO Whitelist', I have put 'https://server-name:8443/pv/'.

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