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DNG 6.0 : Create Module through OSLC

Naveen Tyagi (1978129) | asked Sep 01 '15, 3:56 a.m.
edited Sep 01 '15, 8:52 a.m.
 I want to create/Update module in DNG 6.0 through OSLC but not able to find any reference  to start with. Also after creating [updated, if already created  with same name] Module, i want to add requirement in that. how can i do  this ?.

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Gabriel Ruelas (1.1k13) | answered Sep 02 '15, 4:01 p.m.
   Module create or Module membership update ( add/remove requirements of a module ) is currently not supported by RDNG OSLC provider.

What it support is expose ( read ) the module as an OSLC Collection with no hierarchy information,  Module attributes can be updated,

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Naveen Tyagi commented Sep 02 '15, 11:54 p.m.

 Thanks Gabriel!!!  can i retrieve requirements within a folder. ?

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Rosa Naranjo (2.8k11420) | answered Apr 16 '18, 2:51 p.m.

Update for 6.0.4, see 110709: As an OSLC user, I should be able to create a Module.  Empty module only, no structure.

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