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Floating license issue when using backup server

Daisy Huang (426) | asked Mar 25, 5:05 a.m.

I'm running RTC 6.0.3 with WAS
My goal is to setup a backup web server to replace the current production server. My topology is a single server with 3 apps(jts,ccm,rqm).

Let's call production server1 and backup server2.
Basically I followed below steps:

1. backup and restored WAS profile in server2
2.install RTC apps using Installation Manager in server2
3.copy and replace /{RTC_install_dir}/server/conf in server2
4. modified db connection in in server2 to the new DB(which is RAC of production DB)
5. completed jts/setup wizard, tested DB connection. This step confirmed that I'm using the same Public URI for both servers. 
6. In non-working time, shutdown server1, ask system engineer to change DNS point Public URL to server2.

7. upload license files to server2

However when I first log on to the public URL https://{name}:9443/jts/admin, it says:"CRJAZ1267I cannot receive floating licenses list from 'https://{name}:9443/jts/service/'. 
https://{name}:9443/jts/ at this time is server2's own URI.

My question is how to deal with the license management when 2 server IPs using 1 Public URI (for webapps and for licenses) not at the same time.

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misha rajpoot (341) | answered Mar 25, 5:54 a.m.

 The steps you followed are correct may be there is some other reason.

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