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Can a stream in DOORS-NG be made read-only

Richard Hall (107213) | asked Mar 12 '19, 2:27 p.m.

 Can a stream in DOORS-NG be easily made read-only?

It is possible that I might need to re-activate 'write-access' later, therefore a solution which allows me to re-enable with same permissions as it currently has would be ideal

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Kathryn Fryer (503147) | answered Mar 13 '19, 11:57 a.m.
You can't set permissions on a stream-by-stream basis; they apply to all streams.
You can create a baseline of the stream, which of course would be read-only. That wouldn't affect the stream itself.

Assuming you are using configuration management, you could mandate that the stream requires change sets linked to an approved work item for delivery. That would minimize users changing artifacts in the stream accidentally. You can restrict users' ability to create and deliver change sets as well, but that applies to all streams, so might not be appropriate.

Hope that helps.

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Richard Hall commented Mar 13 '19, 1:54 p.m.


This works well for me.

I changed the stream to require changes to be made in a Change Set (this prevents accidental editing)

I then required that the change set be linked to an approved change request or work item in order to be delivered.  Since we are not using approved change requests or work items, this stops anyone from delivering the changes.

To re-enable editing all that I need to do is to change those settings.

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