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How constraint a link creation between to artifacts in one-way matter

Didier BRAMBAN (114) | asked Jan 24 '19, 11:59 a.m.
 How constraint a link creation between to artifacts?

For exemple I have two artifacts Artifact A  and Artifiact B then I created a Satisfaction link constraints therefore the relationship is: Art A -> safisies (outgoing way) -> Art B and Art B -> satisfied by  (incoming way)> Art A

How can I force a user to always create/make  links in outgoing way
How can I generate rules?
thanks in advance


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Hugh Lippincott (198) | answered Jan 25 '19, 10:22 a.m.

I'm assuming that: 

   - you have read the FAQ:
   - you have tried some things, but simply not reported them.
    - you are using DNG  / RM
     -you used: Administration/Manage Component Properties:  Link Constraints Help
So what is the problem?

Hugh Lippincott commented Jan 25 '19, 10:31 a.m.

The forum question below implies that constrains only worked in a Project Area

until it was fixed in DNG 6.0.3.  Does this apply?
Link Constraints feature not working for Custom created link types across PA in DNG 6.0.2 version

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Didier BRAMBAN (114) | answered Jan 29 '19, 3:35 a.m.

Hi Hugh,

For your information I am working on DNG 6.0.6.

I am the administrator of the platform and I want to parametrize the link types within a project area (not between different project)

So I created/specified link types between customized artifacts and added constraints by means of "Link Constraints".

But I want to add a rule "allow the user (author) to create ONLY the link from the child artifact (outgoing source) to the parent artifact (incoming source) and prevent the contrary

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Hugh Lippincott (198) | answered Jan 30 '19, 9:27 a.m.

 Perhaps I don't understand the need.

While links have a directionality,  DNG allows you to follow them either direction.
Your  Link Constraints definition enforces creation in one link direction and prevents the link from pointing the other way.
DNG seems to be more supportive of creating that link from the source artifact, but that seems to depend on the type of artifact. I don't know that DNG will refuse to link while in the target artifact.

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Didier BRAMBAN (114) | answered Jan 30 '19, 11:04 a.m.


I thank you understood my need.

for my understanding the DNG native link constraint allow to identify the artifacts types that shall be linked, the one that is the source and the one that is the target.

But organizational process purpose, I shall only allow the link creation from the source to the target.

Do you know a way to implement this rule.

Thanks in advance

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