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Adding graphics into DOORS Next Generation independent of a module

Mary Miller (87128) | asked Jan 08 '19, 2:30 p.m.

Good day,

I have an organization that wants to add Architecture Framework views into DOORS Next generation.  Understandably, one would use MagicDraw for these kinds of things; however, the organization wants to include the views in DOORS Next Generation as well.  In particular, they want to add graphical views into DOORS Next Generation.  

How it would look in Excel (as an example) is one tab would be for a Capability View, another tab would be for an Operational View (graphical).

While I know tabs, in Excel, would be about the equivalent of a view.  How would you allocate a DOORS  Next Generation view to a Operational View in DOORS Next Generation if you were not to embed it among the requirements of a module?



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