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DOORS NG Convert Integer Attribute to Float

Richard Hall (107213) | asked Jun 10 '22, 12:05 p.m.

 I have an attribute in my project that is defined as an Integer.

I need it to be a Float.

One way that i can see to do this as follows
a) Define a new Attribute as a Float with a temporary name
b) Assign to all relevant Requirement Types
c) Export to CSV all artifacts that have the original attribute set (there are a few thousand of these)
d) Copy the values from the original attribute to the new attribute
e) Import the CSV back into DOORS NG
f) Delete the original attribute
g) Rename the new attribute.

Is there any simpler way than this?

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Diana Kraaijeveld (57727) | answered Jun 13 '22, 6:30 a.m.
I think you gave the best answer yourself. The steps you describe seem the best steps for what you want to do.
In fact you need one extra steps between 'e' and 'f':
Remove the original attribute from all relevant Requirement Types (otherwise you cannot delete it).

The export to CSV can be done by creating a view showing all artifacts for one requirement type. Which would need to be done for each relevant requirement type of course.
Or create a view filtered on the attribute not being empty if you want to create one big CSV or Excel sheet.

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