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Link Index Provider missing the Load Monitoring option

Deepak Paul John (26) | asked Dec 07 '18, 5:18 a.m.

I am in the process of setting up a new RTC server with JTS, CCM, DCC, LDX and RS (v6.0.6). I have run in to a strange problem where the Link Index Health Monitoring will not display information like CPU, Native System Memory etc. These are coming from the IBM Health Center application. I verified that the health center startup argument has been configured correctly in the JVM arguments and in fact the default port 1972 is being used. I can also see that the perfmon.out file has been generated and is in use; so don't think it's an issue with the health center.

On comparing the configurations with another server, I could see that the LDX>Administration>LQE Nodes><nodename> was missing Load Monitoring>Port for IBM Health Center option.

Any pointers to what might be causing this?


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Deepak Paul John (26) | answered Dec 13 '18, 3:17 a.m.
It seems there is some difference between the configuration of LDX>Advanced Properties (Internal) of versions 6.0.4 (the first server I was comparing with) and 6.0.6.

In 6.0.6, there is no configuration for health center port. The main reason why I was looking for this was that under LDX>Health Monitoring>Details, the Native System Memory and CPUs were showing as unavailable.

Later I discovered that in the Advanced Properties, I had to enable two properties:
Monitor Native System Memory Load and Monitor CPU Usage Load. Once these were enabled and LDX restarted, I was able to see the CPU usage and Native memory graphs.

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