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Invalid path to authentication servlet.: /

Eric B (1112) | asked Dec 06 '18, 9:31 a.m.
Hello everyone, I hope someone can help with this issue.

I've seen many posts and a few solutions about the "Invalid path to authentication servlet.: /" issue and all of them are related to LDAP issues.

Questions: 1) How do I fix this? 2) How do I enable application logging so I can capture what is happening when the user attempts to log in? The trace logging in Liberty is too granular. 3) Is there paid IBM support, if so where is it?

Below is my setup

Installed in AWS Cloud
Single installation
User accounts are given Jazz User permission with floating license
No LDAP. Using the built-in basic registry (basicUserRegistry.xml).
Using AWS Load Balancer to redirect all HTTP and HTTPS traffic to <domain>/jts/auth/authrequired

Application Health only shows 1 error due to NTP setting.
Error occurs in all browsers- Firefox, IE (older version win 7), Edge (win 10).

server.xml contains additional entry
    <httpEndpoint id="defaultHttpEndpoint" host="*" httpPort="-1" httpsPort="443">
        <httpOptions removeServerHeader="true"/>

    <logging  traceSpecification="**=all:HTTPChannel=all:GenericBNF=all:HTTPDispatcher=all"
traceFormat="BASIC" />

Steps to reproduce
1) Log in as any user. URL is <domain>/jts/auth/authrequired
2) Log out. URL is <domain>/jts/auth/authrequired
3) Attempt to log back in as same user.
4) Error! result URL is <domain>/jts/auth

Clearing browser cache does not fix the problem. The only fix is to delete the "/auth" in the URL path so it points to <domain>/jts

Also, there is strange behavior when logging out as User A and then logging in as User B. The User Profile name (top right-corner) correctly displays User B on the user dashboard. However, once drilled down into a project area the name reverts to User A. And if User B has full access to the project and User A does not then the system gives an error. Even though User B is logged in!!

It is the above behavior that made me think there was a problem with RTC cookies but I wasn't able to find anything.

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Sunil Shenoy U (362) | answered Jun 18 '19, 5:54 a.m.
edited Jun 18 '19, 5:55 a.m.

 To Fix the “Invalid path to authentication servlet. Error on IE. Follow the below steps. 

1) Open IE Browser 
2) Select Internet Options Page 
3) Go to Security tab 
4) Add the Server URL in the trusted Sites and Close 
5) Now try to login to the Server. -> Login should be successful 

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