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Where do I find the Team Area(s) associated with a Category?

Davyd Norris (1.7k112) | asked Oct 18 '18, 7:09 a.m.
Hi all,

I am trying to retrieve the team areas associated with a category, using either the JavaScript API or the REST API.

Running this Reportable REST API call:


will retrieve all the information for the Categories in a specified Project Area, and on the Category there are nodes for teamAreas and defaultTeamArea, but they never display any data:

    <name>Some Team</name>
    <id>/Unassigned/Some Team/</id>
    <qualifiedName>Some Team</qualifiedName>

Strangely, the Project Area node works fine in the XPath query but it too isn't displayed.

The actual end result that I'm trying to achieve is to set the Owner of a work item to be the person who is the Team Lead in the team associated with the Category. I can already get the id of the Team Lead for a team, so now I need to get the team for the work item somehow.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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