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How do you export WI history programmatically?

iijima takafumi (1111) | asked Sep 25 '15, 3:32 a.m.


I would like to get WI history.

How do you export WI history programmatically?

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Kohji Ohsawa (5951310) | answered Sep 25 '15, 3:52 a.m.
Hi Iijima-san,

I think it would be possible by using SDK API like below.

private static void findWorkitemHistoryById(ITeamRepository repository, int id) throws TeamRepositoryException {
IWorkItemClient workItemClient = (IWorkItemClient)repository.getClientLibrary(IWorkItemClient.class);
IWorkItem workItem = workItemClient.findWorkItemById(id, IWorkItem.FULL_PROFILE, null);
System.out.println("Workitem ID: " + workItem.getId() + " Name: " + workItem.getHTMLSummary());
List<?> history = repository.itemManager().fetchAllStateHandles((IAuditableHandle)workItem.getStateHandle(), null);
if(history.size() == 0){
for(int i = history.size() -1; i >= 0; i--){
IAuditableHandle zz = (IAuditableHandle)history.get(i);
IWorkItem workItemPrevious = (IWorkItem)repository.itemManager().fetchCompleteState(zz, null);
System.out.println("history start");
System.out.println("ID: " + workItemPrevious.getId() + " Name: " + workItemPrevious.getHTMLSummary());
System.out.println("history end");

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Stefano Antoniazzi (1701711) | answered Jul 14 '16, 6:41 a.m.
edited Jul 14 '16, 7:56 a.m.
About sorting, I'm watching the code in, IAuditableHandle, StateCollector, IProgressMonitor) where the fetchAllStateHandles returns a List where the first entry (position 0) is the most recent (the actual state) then from entry 1 to the last entry it seems you may get the states from the oldest to the most recent. 
But I've made some experiments and this is not accurate (considering the workitem.modified() ) so I think I should order by modified() Timestamp ...

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