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DNG - Module section filter

Sean F (1.3k232125) | asked Oct 08 '18, 11:40 p.m.

Is there any way to filter a module to only see one section.

e.g. view only section heading 2 plus all of the artifacts under heading 2

I can insert a column to show Section (e.g. 2.1.1) but Section does not appear in the filter criteria options. Even if it did appear I would not be able to use Section to create the filter without using some kind of script or regexp to check the first 1 or 2 characters.

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Rosa Naranjo (2.9k11423) | answered Oct 09 '18, 4:31 a.m.


Sorry there is not currently an option to filter by section.

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Sean F commented Oct 09 '18, 5:05 a.m.
Thanks Rosa

Just a suggestion for development but if you just add 'section' to the attributes that can be filtered on then the outcome could be achieved.

Filter for section->'Starts with'->'2.'

Seems like it would be a big productivity win for users for a minor development task.

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orkun serin (132) | answered Jan 02 '20, 2:47 a.m.

Did you find any workaround by any chance ? (Cant upvote your question since my reputation is not high enough atm)

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