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What is the latest RTC extension for RDz 9.5.x?

Jaygee Santos (272812) | asked Sep 25 '18, 12:09 p.m.

We are upgrading our JTS/RTC servers from v6.0.2 to v6.0.6.  After the upgrade we will also be providing updated RTC client and plug-ins to our user base.  We have an RTC extension for RDz v9.5.1 clients.

I don't see a download link in for the latest RTC extension for RDz, for v6.0.6.  Does anyone have this information?

Looking at our current RDz v9.5.1 installation details on IM, it shows this for the RTC Extension:
We know this is compatible with our current version of RTC v6.0.2, but we want to update it if there is a later version that is compatible with v6.0.6.

IBM® Rational® Team Concert Integration for z Systems
Version (5.0.3000.rdz951O-I20160114_0810)          

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