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exported data from one project results in date discrepancies when imported into another

Karen Steele (1.2k1133127) | asked Sep 25 '18, 11:46 a.m.
I have an extract that I've taken from a 5.0.2 system - the exported out format is CSV.

I need to be able to import that same CSV file into a parent project area that resides on a 6.0.4 system.

All we're exporting is the type, id, summary, priority and some date stamp fields.

When imported into the 6.0.4 system, the dates are not loaded with the same date e.g. a date of August 19, 2018 is suddenly transposed to a date in the distance future May 2019, in some cases dates in 2020

Does any body know as to why this might be happening ?

I have copied and pasted values only into a net new spreadsheet, used convert text to columns to no avail.

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