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DNG - What sort of report can you create with JRS Trend Reporting?

Sean F (1.3k244157) | asked Aug 25 '18, 11:21 a.m.
I am trying to get JRS trend reporting to do something in DNG. Anything really just to see it working.

I was imagining that you would be able to, for example, create a graph that shows the number of system requirements changing over the course of a week in a bar chart format with one bar for each day and the total increasing on each bar.

Is that possible? If so is there a step by step description anywhere?

I have created sample data over the course of a week that should show such a bar chart if it is possible.

I cannot get the trend reporting to show this kind of chart.

I am trying as follows:-

Choose a report type:- Historical Trends
Data source:- DW (I read on other older threads that RQE does not work for trend reporting - don't know if that is still correct)

Limit scope:- My Project

Focus on artifact trends:- Requirements > Requirement > Totals (this is the only choice - I thought there would be an option to choose specific artifact types)

Set time range:- 7 days ago until today

Set conditions:- nothing

Format Results:- Preview shows 'No results found'

So is there a way to do what I am trying to do and if so how is it done?

Or else is there a way to get JRS Trend Reporting to do anything in DNG and if so how is that done?

The only articles I have found have focused on RTC and don't shed any light on using the feature with DNG.


There is a thread here asking a similar question but it is from a little while ago

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