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[RDNG] Requirement reviews in RDNG 6.0.X

Andre Gusmao (802540) | asked Feb 07 '18, 1:40 p.m.

up until version 5.0.2, there were two types of requirement review: formal and informal. In the formal review, the reviewer only sees the “frozen” version of that artifact. If someone else changes the artifact, the reviewer won’t be able to see this change from the review. In the informal review, the reviewer will always see the latest version of the artifact.

This changed in version 6.0. Now, when the user wants to have a formal review, he/she has to create a baseline first, and then create the review from within the baseline. The reviewer will only see the artifact version that was captured in the baseline. Other users may change the artifact in the main project area stream, but the version under review in the baseline will remain the same.
For the informal review, all the user has to do is create the review from within a stream.

Back in version 5.0.2 there was an option to update artifacts within a formal review. So if someone changes an artifact that is part of a formal review after the review starts, the reviewer could update the artifact version used in the review. All they had to do was pause the review and select the option to update the artifact’s version. RDNG even issued a warning about the existence of a newer version before resuming the review.  

The main issue here is that users can no longer update the artifact’s version in the case of reviews created from within the baseline. The only workaround I can think of requires enabling CM. If they enable CM, they could create streams for conducting formal reviews instead of baselines. If someone else changes an artifact in the main stream, the changes could be delivered into the review stream. It’s not that simple and it’s a lot more complicated than it was in version 5.0.2, but it works.

Is there any other way to accomplish this without having to enable CM? 


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