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RQM - Can we add a Hyperlink as in RTC work item template

Parameswaran V (855) | asked Jul 17 '18, 7:18 a.m.

 In RTC, work item templates are used to create work items with hyperlinks which could guide the users towards any URL's for 'Guidelines' or 'What not to do', etc.

So, when ever a work item is opened, these links can be accessed at the 'Title' or in between 'DropDown' sections as a hyperlinks as well.

I am not allowed to add a snapshot - else i could have done that. 

The question  is:
Can we do the same in RQM 'Test Case' or other artifact template - Near the title.

Note: I am aware we can do it as part of 'Sections' - However i am probing more to understand if this could be done outside 'Sections'. (Probably near Title or Summary etc)

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Lam To (216) | answered Jul 17 '18, 9:32 a.m.

 The RQM artifact templates only define the sections to be included for the artifact. You can have two types of custom sections: Rich text & Grid to be a part of the template. However, the templates don't define fields for artifacts.

For what you are trying to accomplish, the closest is to create a 'custom attribute'. When a new custom attribute is created for an artifact type, a new field of the custom attribute type will be added to the 'Summary' section. There are currently four supported types: small text, large text, integer, and date/time. Text fields are plain text only and thus, you can only add the URL as a text but not a clickable link.

In short, there is really no way to modify the top area of the artifact editor UI.

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Parameswaran V commented Jul 17 '18, 10:35 a.m.

Thank you Lam, for a quick one.

I understand. I would then head with 'Custom Sections's' itself.

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