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Is there support for RQM executions to pull resources from RTC SCM?

Justin Caselman (52) | asked Oct 25 '18, 2:35 p.m.

 Can functional test scripts stored in RTC SCM be browsed/selected when configuring the RQM Test Script, and automatically made available to the Execution Adapter, or would this have to be handled externally?

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abhishek gour (3812) | answered Oct 26 '18, 8:25 a.m.
edited Oct 26 '18, 8:44 a.m.
Hi Justin,
RTC SCM storage locations of functional test scripts are provided at RQM -> Shared Resource Locations. ( please see following link about how to specify RTC SCM storage location  - )

When this is configured properly, while creating Test Script in RQM - user can specify the script location  by choosing "Use test resource from a shared location",  browse to choose scripts from desired shared location on "Browse : Shared test resource" dialog similar to how scripts stored on local resource locations are browsed and selected.

So in short, if Shared Resource Location path to RTC SCM is configured properly, these paths can be accessed on RQM web ui via test script editor and scripts stored on these paths can be browsed and selected for configuring execution adapter.

I hope this helps.

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