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Progress Bar in Scrum (Plan and Resource)

nicolas acosta (159) | asked Apr 09 '18, 2:58 p.m.


There is some way to set a start date for a task in Scrum templat of RTC? My question is because if I have a task assigned to a Resource in a Sprint that lasts 5 days and the task have a work estimate of 5 hours, but the resource is not working on it (And the resource doesn´t have any other task assigned) and have passed 2 days, the progress bar of this resource (and the progress bar of the sprint backlog) indicates that the resource is late on him work. But however there is enough time for the resource to finish the task.

So there is some way to avoid that the progress bar of the resource (and the sprint backlog) doesn´t show that the resource is late on his work, when there is still time to finish the task? I mean its possible set a start date to the task and in that way have a precision about in what date is really late the resource? Becuase what I understaind is that the RTC calculates arbitrarily and proportionally the daily progress
that the resource must achieve.

This information is important for me because is shown in my boss's reports.

Thanks in advance.

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