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DNG 6.0: Getting the root folder in DNG

A Ragab (1127) | asked Mar 26 '18, 7:52 p.m.

 I'm trying to get the root folder in DNG (version 6.0.4), but after getting the folder query capability URI from service catalog, and running it I get empty list 

The folder query is 
>> GET(1) https://<server>.com:9443/rm/folders?oslc.where=public_rm:parent=<server>%2Fproject-areas%2F_x6IdkJ5CEeeBBpgQyXMbwg

Is there a server setting to enable folder access or something?

I even tried using IBM OSLC examples from the link
Example04 from oslc.consumer.rm.client, and it fails with NPE when it runs the XPath to locate the root folder so my code follows the example logic

Donald Nong commented Mar 26 '18, 8:48 p.m.

Can you post the actual response that you get?

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