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Query all requirement types of requirements included in a specific module

Benjamin Röhl (167520) | asked Feb 02 '18, 9:30 a.m.
edited Feb 08 '18, 9:30 a.m.


I currently try to find a way to get all requirement type definitions (in OSLC known as "instance shapes") of these requirements which are existing in a specific module.
Therefore I would like to have an API, which can be either private or public.

So far, I try to use the OSLC query capabilities to define a query expression and execute this on DOORS NG 6.0.5.
Therefore I found this article showing some examples.
Based on the example "To query for artifact’s specific information of all artifacts that belongs to a collection, use a query similar to.", I defined the following query:

(Please assume, that the query parameter values will be url-encoded before request is performed)
The query result only lists the DOORS NG module, which has the identifier "1".
What I expected was to get the instance shape of all requirements, included in the module, listed.

Is that the correct way?
Or do you maybe know an alternative solution?

Thank you in advance.

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