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JTS and CCM is not listing projects

Ramkumar Raman (305) | asked Feb 19 '18, 8:29 a.m.


JTS is not listing projects for all users(Including clmadmin).

Same error is coming when I login in CCM application too.

Error: Error fetching item values. statement = Select S.VAL_ENCODING, S.ITEM_VALUE From REPOSITORY.ITEM_STATES S Join REPOSITORY.ITEM_TYPES T on T.ITEM_UUID = S.ITEM_UUID Where S.KEY_UUID IN statement suffix = parameter[0] = _O7O7JfT8Eeez0far6k1__Q parameter[1] = _hXWfJMhwEeeUDO2p1CfObw parameter[2] = _XdXN9Mg-EeeUDO2p1CfObw parameter[3] = _aFBoYgV2EeisvPus8sEE2w parameter[4] = _36xZcgAuEeiGO-pymwSepA parameter[5] = _37CuMv0YEee0DpJd-P5GgQID CRJAZ0350I

Movement when we do login, the above error is coming in the screen.

OS: Windows 2012
CLM Version: 6.0.3
WAS Version: 8.5.5
DB2 Version: 10.5.7
Application: CCM

If any one knows the problem please give me suggestion to resolve it.

Ramkumar R

Donald Nong commented Feb 21 '18, 12:40 a.m.

It doesn't look pretty. Please contact IBM Support as you may have data corruption.

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