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How to migrate the Milestone WorkItemtype from normal project to Scrum project?

Soham Deb Maiti (26169) | asked Oct 10 '13, 11:20 a.m.
I have a project Prj_A which has the "Milestone" as WorkItemtype. I want to migrate this to another project Prj_B which is a Scrum project. Is it really possible? Then how?

I have tried by manually copying data between to XMLs. But found that its not working properly when workitem is created.

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Fariz Saracevic (904613) | answered Oct 10 '13, 11:36 a.m.
 You could export your Prj_A data into csv and then modify them for import into Prj_B. You need to ensure data from Prj_A are in line with Prj_B. For example, if you had planned for March in Prj_A and Agile_March in Prj_B, you will need to manually fix them.

I suggest you test out export/import before final migration.

Soham Deb Maiti commented Oct 11 '13, 3:43 a.m.

@ Fariz Saracevic- Thank you very much for your answeer. But I feel I am not able to explain my requirement properly. I dont want to modify my workitems(from Prj_A) as per the supported features in Prj_B. Instead of that I want to add the "Milestone" as WorkItemtype in Prj_B. Where Prj_B is of Scrum type and Prj_A is not a scrum type project.  My intention is to enable the same "Milestone" feature to a Scrum type project(Prj_B). By migration i wanted to mean this, not the data migration. Sorry for using migration key word wrongly and creating the confusion. I hope now my requirement is clear. I just want to know instead of doing manual changes in the Configuration details(in XML), is there any further option to achieve the same without any flaws?

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Oct 13 '13, 5:20 p.m.
As far as I know, the only way to add a work item type from one template or project area to another project area is by directly modifying the XML.  You could request an enhancement for this functionality:

Soham Deb Maiti commented Oct 17 '13, 2:50 a.m.

@Geoffrey Clemm - Thank you very much for your help. I just wanted this functionality in XML, not in web client.  By the way I found the reason why its not working in Scrum type project. Will update soon.

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Soham Deb Maiti (26169) | answered Oct 17 '13, 2:55 a.m.
edited Oct 17 '13, 3:16 a.m.

Reason not to migrate “Milestone” workitemtype :-

My goal is to add the “Milestone” as an WorkItemType in a ProjectArea which is of Scrum type Project. Generally “Milestone” is used in the project which is following Formal Project Management process(FPM) . To add “Milestone” in Scrum type of project we have to add the customized attributes "constraint type" and "constraint date". These two attributes will be in use to calculate accumulated time. Now a new WorkItem has been created and "constraint type", "constraint date" values are provided. In the Plan view after adding "accumulated time" column we found the following behavior.

Result: in accumulated time, the workitem’s start date is current time.
Expected result: workitem start date should be set to "constraint date", as what happens in FPM.

The dates in the accumulated time is generally calculated by the scheduler. The scheduler in the scrum projects use the Agile scheduler and has different business rules for calculating the dates. The Agile Scheduler does not consider the Constraint date and time for the date calculation.

The attributes accumulated time in scrum depends on are:

·         WorkItem.OWNER: The scheduling happens only for the work items that have owners

·         WorkItem.SEQUENCE_VALUE: The user can arrange the work items in the my work view based on his priorities

·         WorkItem.RANKING, The Scrum master assigns the ranking while doing the backlog planning this is considered

·         WorkItem.ESTIMATE, This is calculate the amount of time required.

·         WorkItem.EFFECTIVE_DURATION: Sometimes the user updates the corrected estimates hence this is required.

·         WorkItem.RESOLVED and WorkItem.RESOLUTION_DATE: the resolved work items are excluded.

·         WorkItem.ITEM_TYPE: For the Plan items 

·         WorkItem.TARGET/planned for : the Iteration to which the work items is targetted for

·         WorkItem.BLOCKS_WORKITEM: If the work item has the dependence then the successor needs to wait till predessor is commplete.


Whereas for FPM project areas the following 2 custom attributes are considered:

1. The Constraint type

2. The Constraint Date


RTC Supports 2 constraint types:-

Ø  SNET (Start No Earlier Than) : if set and specified then it is used to calculate the start date for the Work.

Ø  FNLT (Finish No Later Than) : if set and specified then it is used for plan check and to inform the user that the work item cannot be scheduled before the scheduled dates.


Final Conclusion :

The “Milestone” WorkItemtype from Formal Project cannot be copied to Scrum project. Even though it’s possible to create “Milestone” in Scrum project but it will not have all the expected features working. So it’s better not to migrate this workitemtype into Scrum type project.

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