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Tracing requirements to projects

Rachel Heck (1710) | asked Aug 17 '17, 10:43 a.m.

I'm curious how other groups are tracing requirements to projects (tracking what requirements are added for a particular story or work item). We are on DNG 5.0.2 but are getting ready to upgrade to 6.0.4. We trace all of our requirements to a project identifier (we use Jira). We do this by creating a project identifier attribute and putting the project id (JIRA number) in. If there is more than 1 JIRA for an artifact, we use a comma to separate. 

There is a defect ( work item112913) that the attribute field can only contain upwards of 1024 characters but if that number is exceeded, the method to add artifacts to a collection by selecting an attribute using the "Contains" method fails. We haven't  reached this limit yet, but I'm worried when we do. 

Would love to hear how other groups are handling this. Thank you in advance!

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Ulf Arne Bister (1.3k413) | answered Aug 28 '17, 10:31 a.m.


assuming you plan to continue to use Jira you can use the friends relationships of your DNG project areas to make your Jira projects OSCL change request providers.
This will allow you to use i.e. "implemented by" link types of requirements to epics or stories in Jira, represented in your project backlogs.
The "implemented by" link on the module level would link to RTC project plans, not sure if and how it links to the equivalent in Jira, but that would give you a direct association of which requirements are implemented in which project.

No limit on the number of links and certainly no 1024 character limit that you would hit anytime soon.

If this is helpful please mark it as accepted.

- Arne

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