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SPARQL Compare

Yogashree M (728) | asked Jan 11 '18, 4:45 a.m.


I have a Requirement  where in For Particular Artifact ID in DNG there are Test Case Linked and Test case will have one or more Test case Execution Record with Results linked.
So while Fetching the Report for Requirement > Linked Test Case> Linked Execution Record> Test Case Result> Verdict.,.Since There might be one or more Verdict for each Test case like Pass, failed.
Report would look like
Requirement    Test Case id      Test Case ER   Test Result        Verdict    (Verdict merged)(Additional Column)
 SRS Req              125                     Test                 Result           Pass            FAIL
SRS Req 1             126                      test1               result1          Fail
SRS Req 2             127                        test2              result2          Fail\

By comparing the results in Verdict column Pass pass Fail Verdict merged column should also be fail.

How is this Possible to achieve in SPARQL In JRS?

Thanks In advance

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