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One generic RRDI source report for multiple RTC projects area which share the same root process. How to do that ?

jean-claude vauthier (22634956) | asked Mar 15 '13, 3:38 a.m.
edited Jan 29 '14, 3:41 a.m. by Krzysztof Kaźmierczyk (7.5k477103)

    I have a RRDI  custom generic report which can apply to one or several projects (Multi-select prompt at the moment).  When I launch this report from RRDI, if I select several projects I have a cross projects view.  Fine. 

     Now I want to import this report in 10 RTC projects areas (Shared Resources) to launch the same report in the context of one project. When I run the report in the context of this project I don't want to be prompted to select a project, because I'm working in the context of a project area.

Problem :
    The only solution I have  for the moment is to duplicate 10 times the RRDI report, to remove the prompt and to hard code the project filter.   It is just not acceptable in term of maintenance on the reporting side. 

      All my RTC projects reuse the process template of a root project.  Thus when my root process template evolve all my projects are impacted. On the RRDI side, I don't want to update my 10 reports (one for each project). I just want to update my generic report.

     I have tried to use report view, but I have not been successful in launching a RRDI report view from RTC Web interface.

    Maybe I have missed something.

Question :
     Is there a way to pass the context of the project (project name or ID) from RTC to RRDI when launching the RRDI report, in order to reuse exactly the same RRDI source report for all my projects areas ?

     This question applies also for RQM .... not yet for RRC because it is not possible to launch RRDI reports from RRC.

   Any help will be greatly appreciated.




jean-claude vauthier commented Mar 15 '13, 5:44 a.m.

Correction :
   It is possible to generate one Report View for each project, to schedule the execution and to reference the right view on each project.

  This process does not work on live data and it is quite heavy because you have to maintains the views.  Could be a workaround.

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Alanna Zito (1.3k3) | answered Mar 15 '13, 9:48 a.m.
It's not currently possible to pass the project area context to an RRDI report. 

Are you using RTC 4.0.1, or do you have an earlier version?  As of RTC 4.0.1, it's possible to save parameter values for RRDI reports.  So, one possible workaround would be keep a single-select project prompt in your RRDI report (having just one copy of the report in RRDI), import it into each project, and then set & save the project parameter value to be the current project in each report.  That way, users would not be prompted to select a project each time they go to run the report (although they would be able to change it to a different project, which may not be desirable).

The report view workaround you mention is also a possibility, but, as you say, it does require some overhead on the RRDI side.

Please log an enhancement against Jazz Foundation these workarounds don't suit your needs.

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