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[6.0.4] How do I enable test case sections panel to display for all test cases?

forest massey (111) | asked Jan 08 '18, 6:19 p.m.
Recently (First Week in Jan 2018) the test case section panel which contains sections such as Summary, Test Case Design, Formal Review, etc. has stopped appearing when a particular user selects a test case which has the "Edit Test Scripts Inline" section, only that section's content appears.  If the "Edit Test Scripts Inline" section is not part of the sections selected to be shown, then the test case and the sections panel  appears as expected. So far this behavior is limited to one user. Virtually all test cases have the "Edit Test Scripts Inline" section included in the panel so virtually all test cases sections are no longer accessible for the user.

Is there a setting available for the test case section panel which would allow control of the test case sections panel content or visibility for multiple test cases?  

Don Yang commented Jan 10 '18, 1:33 a.m.

I don't think there is anything to control the visibility of test case sections in RQM other than add or remove from "manage section". Since only one user is affected, I would first check if different browser, cache clearance may help.

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Krupa Gunhalkar (4512) | answered Jan 10 '18, 2:40 a.m.

As Don mentioned, just click on the Manage Sections option on one of the test cases and add the required sections needed for the test case. However, by default when we create a test case with "Edit Test Scripts Inline" option, the template used would be Basic Manual Test case template which comes with "Summary, and Attachments" sections along with the "Edit Test Scripts Inline".

Also make sure, if you are using the copy of the "Basic Manual Test Case Template"" internally which is modifiable, there are chances of someone editing it unintentionally may be?

Hope this helps,
Krupa Gunhalkar

forest massey commented Jan 10 '18, 11:14 a.m.
I have tried chrome, explorer, edge and 3 other user's systems. No change. All other users on the system do not experience the problem when accessing the same test cases.

If access to the sections panel was available there would be no problem. When I click on the test case link, the next display I see is the subsection. The subsection display has no "sections" panel on the left side. Only the title and the subsection "Edit Test Scripts Inline". I am looking for a way to enable the sections panel to display again. Since only one user is affected I was inclined to think that the problem is a configuration issue of some kind.   

I created a new test case without  the "Edit Test Scripts Inline" section selected and the problem is not present.  The sections panel appears normally. When I add the "Edit Test Scripts Inline' section the behavior appears and the sections panel on the left disappears. 

Don Yang commented Jan 10 '18, 6:07 p.m.

This is quite odd. If you try your id on other client machines, does it still work? If you try other user id on your client machine, does it not work at all? This may suggest it is wrong with your id or your client.

forest massey commented Jan 11 '18, 4:32 p.m.

I have tried this with my login on other machines and under using other user ids on my machine.  Other user id's do not see the issue. My login sees the issue regardless of the machine I login from or the browser I use.

Don Yang commented Jan 12 '18, 12:56 a.m. | edited Jan 12 '18, 1:01 a.m.

so your user id always has the issue regardless where you login. do you see any difference between your user id and other users? member of project/team, roles, licenses, repository permission etc?

You may also check if you see this symptom on various projects or not? if not, comparing the difference between other project and the problematic one is also a clue: membership, roles, whether "Basic Manual Test Case Template" is set as default template etc

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