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How to add RTC client to latest Eclipse

Darrell Reich (97) | asked Nov 15 '17, 9:04 p.m.
edited Nov 16 '17, 2:00 a.m. by Ralph Schoon (56.5k23642)
This shouldn't be this hard for professional (expensive) software from IBM Rational.
1. The download RTC Jazz clients page has too many choices with too many codewords. Spell it out in the description what each one is for. Why do I need to know that "p2" is code for Eclipse repository? Why can't IBM host a proper URL and just point Eclipse to it? I don't need to install your installer just to install the client after upgrading Eclipse? Corporate computers are locked down (no admin privs) these days anyway.
2. After getting the correct zip downloaded, you can't even properly sign the package? (error below) Why is the free svn/git/jira software better documented, more professional, and less complicated than the we paid big (annual) money for all of this? You promised / sold us that we were going to be Agile. This is painful, frustrating, cryptic, and confusing. I can install software on my mac by dragging an icon to the folder--there is no step 2. This is crazy. Installing your software isn't our full time job. We have our software to develop this is just one of the tools so clean up the mess please. Our sprint has just gone by without any progress and the scrum master isn't happy about the excuse de jour the sysadmin upgraded to 6.0.4. You could also note if 6.0.5 client works with 6.0.4 server until they upgrade again?

Point Eclipse to the zip file archive...

Security Warning: You are installing software that contains unsigned content. The authentication or validity of this software cannot be established. Do you want to continue with the installation?
Install anyway, Cancel, Details

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Ralph Schoon (56.5k23642) | answered Nov 16 '17, 1:59 a.m.
edited Nov 16 '17, 2:20 a.m.

There is no question that any one on this forum can answer. This is basically a rant.
You can refine your question to make it a question that we can answer or delete it or let me know if it can be closed.

I either use a fresh install of the vanilla RTC Client (using the plain zip version), or I install a fresh Eclipse from and install a RTC P2 into it.

There are some unsigned packages and I have to accept installing them.

Other than that, I was unfortunately enough to have to use Maven in Eclipse recently and some weird issue came up where it would not connect. No hint how to solve it in the internet, I could find. Reinstall did not work either. So if you are lucky and don't run into problems, fine. If you do, you are in trouble, open source software or commercial does not matter that much.

Good luck.

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