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How to create and configure a Scheduled Task

Meghana Pandey (15111514) | asked Sep 23 '09, 8:34 a.m.
I want to implement a scheduled task which:
1. queries for all the work items which are in 'Live' state and are not completed on the due date
2. And sends an email notification to the work item owner every day once, starting a day after the due date.

To start off with this, I have created a scheduled task by extending AbstractAutoScheduledTask
and have overriden getTaskId() and runTask() methods.

Can you guide me on how to set the configuration properties for the same . For example, fixed delay for mail notification
Also how can I programmatically schedule this task for my testing(debugging)and not wait for the scheduler.

Also, it would be great if you can share similar RTC example with me.

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Meghana Pandey (15111514) | answered Mar 23 '10, 12:25 p.m.

Need one help on RPC(Product Conductor).

I have created an operation and have added an advisor to this.
Here is my code to advise and exceute on my operation:

IOperationReport report = serverProcess

I can make out that the advisors if configured, get executed.
But after this Iam adding:
IAdvisorDeclaration[] advisors= serverProcess.getAdvisorDeclarations(projectAreaWhole, OPERATION_ID_MAIL_NOTIFICATION);
where OPERATION_ID_MAIL_NOTIFICATION is the operation Id.
But advisors returned are null.

Can you help me identify what could be the problem, or any other way I should be fetching advisors.?

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