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How to set-up RQM Review/Approval Cycles and expect Email Notifications for RQM 6.0.3

Patricio Sanhueza (111) | asked May 11 '17, 10:23 a.m.

Hi I'm using RQM version 6.0.3. My question is exactly like that listed in this post dated back in April 2013. 

As posted in the link above:

I am trying to setup a Review/Approval Cycle for test plans in RQM (Rational Quality Manager). 

My goal is to enable Reviewers and Approvers to be notified by email of their required participation in reviewing/approving a test plan. 

My current workflow is as follows, 
- Create a test plan using the default test plan template. 
- Go to the "Formal Review" panel for the test plan and add some Approvers/Reviewers. 

(At this point, I click save, and from my understanding of documentation I have seen, RQM should now generate a "Task-Review" work item. The approvers/reviewers defined previously should now receive an email notification, telling them that a work item has been created, and they are required to take some action. However, this does not happen, and no work item is automatically created.) 

- In the "Formal Review" Panel, there is a label that says "Quality Task - Create", clicking this opens a dialog 
that allows you to create a work item. 
- I select, "Task-Review," as the type and hit OK. 
- A work item is now created, and again, I am given the opportunity to add reviewers/approvers. 
- I do this, as before, and hit save. 
- Again, I would expect some email notifications at this point, but none are to be seen. 

Please could someone point out a flaw in my workflow, and tell me whether my assumptions are correct. 
I feel I've hit a brick wall here, and with only a small, simple, task. 

Thanks in advance. 

I tried to follow the instruction to the answer for the previous post because I figured that "notifications" would be sent out when conducting a formal review for a test case. However it does not seem to be the case and there is no automatic quality task created in RTC. The instruction provided by Tory do not appear answer the original question since I could not find "Mail Configuration" in the "left menu" for RQM when selecting a user. However even if the workflow was to "select a user" to receive mail notifications this seem odd to me. So for each user I would have to do this "configuration"? Would it not make more sense to have a "global" configuration that allows notifications to be sent to reviewers of a test case (or for any artefact in RQM that requires formal review in that case) when the review is created?

At any rate if the feature exists that allows for email notifications to be sent on Formal Reviews for test cases or any other artefact type then how would one achieve this in 6.0.3 of RQM?

Don Yang commented May 12 '17, 1:56 a.m.

I don't find any defects in v6.0.3 on email notification of artifact approval not working. A basic question is that you did configure email notification server and verify it works for RTC work item?

Patricio Sanhueza commented May 12 '17, 10:35 a.m.

I can confirm that I finally received emails, although it took longer than I would have expected to begin with (started review in the morning... got first email notifications in afternoon). This was the first time trying out the Formal Review feature in RQM so perhaps there was some other underlying issues causing the slow down in the email notification? Not sure but now the email notification seem to be working as expected (much like RTC notifications). If I spot any other anomalies I'll be sure to post on this thread but for the time being I see that the issue can be closed at least for me.

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered May 12 '17, 2:36 a.m.

I can confirm that adding an approver does trigger the notification email. But in my environment, JTS reports CRJAZ1999E (invalid email address) and refuses to send the emails, which is similar to this issue.

Check the jts.log file and see if you have the same issue.

On the other hand, if I send test emails in JTS, it happily sends out the emails. I haven't figured out what's going on yet.

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