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RTC-CRJAZ6032E Multiple timelines in the same project area use the same identifier

masoom Abdullah (5310) | asked May 03 '17, 7:55 a.m.

 Hi there,

I am trying to copy the timelines from one project area to another. The first timeline is created in other project area, after that I am getting the following error.

CRJAZ6032E Multiple timelines in the same project area use the same identifier.

Code Snippet:

private static void save(IDevelopmentLineHandle iDevelopmentLineHandle, IAuditableClient iAuditableClient, List<IProjectArea> allProjectAreas, IProcessItemService service, IProgressMonitor monitor) throws TeamRepositoryException {
IDevelopmentLine sDevelopmentLine = (IDevelopmentLine) iAuditableClient.fetchCurrentAuditable(iDevelopmentLineHandle, ItemProfile .createFullProfile(IDevelopmentLine.ITEM_TYPE), null);
IProjectArea dProjectArea=null;
Iterator<IProjectArea> iterator = allProjectAreas.iterator(); 
       while (iterator.hasNext()) { 
           dProjectArea =; 
           if ("Destination Project Area (CCM)".equals(dProjectArea.getName())) { 
       dProjectArea=(IProjectArea) dProjectArea.getWorkingCopy();
   dProjectArea = (IProjectArea) service.getMutableCopy(dProjectArea);
  IDevelopmentLine dDevelopmentLine = (IDevelopmentLine) IDevelopmentLine.ITEM_TYPE.createItem();
  dProjectArea.addDevelopmentLine(dDevelopmentLine); IProcessItem[] {dProjectArea, dDevelopmentLine }, monitor); 

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masoom Abdullah (5310) | answered May 03 '17, 7:56 a.m.

 I am getting the error in the last line of code. IProcessItem[] {dProjectArea, dDevelopmentLine }, monitor); 

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