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Dojo script based for default values customization not working as expected

viswanath janakiraman (81224) | asked Apr 21 '17, 1:19 a.m.

 Hi Team ,

We are in RTC 6.0.2 and we have master project area which is shared to all projects . In the master project attribute customization we used default values for description field of the release work item. The issue is we are not getting the same default text in the description field for the release record for some of the mapped projects.

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Salman Shaikh (23412973) | answered Apr 21 '17, 6:43 p.m.

I think the issue is That other projects are not getting that Dojo JS code , Just go to any project other than master and check from Eclipse Client

[Issue may be here ] Process Configuration --> Workitems --> Attribute Customization --> Check if its showing or not

If its showing then confirm that is it mapped at attributes level in the workitem. 

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