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Global Configuration setup with Streams and linking WI using the attribute mapping

Sabrina Hippert (158) | asked Apr 12 '17, 8:33 a.m.

This was noticed in CLM 6.0.2 but also seems to be in CLM 6.0.4. 

The CLM setup has two GC contexts set up with streams from a DNG project area and from a RTC project area.  In the Releases section of the RTC project area the two GC are associated with two different iterations. In the RTC project area the OSLC Link/Attribute mapping is set to map "Implements Requirement" link to "Derived From Planned for" attribute. 
If you do not set the planned for attribute in a work item and make a 'Implements requirement" link to an object in DNG the wizard takes you through and seems to work correctly (there does not seem to be an              
indication of the GC it is using). If you try to navigate the link from the RTC work item it takes you to the requirement in the base stream and there is no back link shown in the requirement object to the RTC           
work item. 

If you then change the context to one of the GC contexts you see a link to the RTC work item. If you then change the context to the other GC context you see another link to the RTC work item. It seems to have created two back links, one from each GC context defined in the Releases and a forward link to the base stream.                             

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Sreerupa Sen (1.0k4) | answered Apr 12 '17, 11:44 p.m.

For RTC what it's doing is correct. It doesn't know what version to navigate to, for the linked artifact, since Planned For isn't set, and that's what determines the GC context for navigation.

If a DNG requirement shows two links at the same time to an RTC work item, then that's not correct. Since the Planned For attribute isn't set for the work item, ideally it shouldn't be showing any links to the work item at all. It could be treating a work item has a non versioned artifact and not using the Release->GC mapping when it's traversing back to RTC - but that would only explain one link, not two. In any case link navigation should be independent of which artifact one starts with.

I'll send this forum link out to DNG to get their comments. DNG->RTC link navigation had a bug in 6.0,2 but I thought it was fixed in 6.0.3.

I'm curious to know what happens when the Planned For attribute in the work item is set to one of the GCs. What shows up in DNG? For each of the two GCs set as a context?

Technical Lead, RTC

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